Traffic Offences

A driving offence is any violation of the laws governing road transport and road safety. The legislation outlining these laws are the Road Transport Act 2016 and the Crimes Act 1900. 

There are heavy penalties for those who are caught disobeying road and traffic laws.  This could include fines, suspension of licence, loss of demerit points, imprisonment or a combination of these. These penalties have been strictly enforced to deter offenders from repeating the offensive action. Some examples of types of driving and traffic offences include:

  • Street Racing
  • Serious Driving causing death or grievous bodily harm
  • Speeding
  • Drink and drug driving
  • Running a red light
  • Parking in a disabled zone without a permit

If you have been charged with a driving or traffic offence, let our knowledgeable team help support you. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers in our office.

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