There are government and community initiatives that educate youth on criminal acitivity.The interactive website Burn – The Movie is a short film about young people involved in criminal activities and the consequences of such actions. However, if you do require help. there are many other specialised support groups which are able to help.

Youth Drug and Alcohol Court

The Youth Drug and Alcohol Court is a specialised program which is run through the Children’s Court of New South Wales which deals with young adults from the ages of 14-18 whom have a drug dependency and have committed a crime for which they may now be facing prison time. The program aims to deter the young offender from both their dependency and from further criminal activity.

The benefits of the program are that it keeps the young offender out of juvenile detention, and furthermore, the program will encourage sobriety.

Stepping Stones to Success Program

The Stepping Stones to Success Program is run by the Family Drug Support Group. It specifically focuses its aid to the family of individuals whom are drug dependent. The program is run across Australia, and to get involved in the program call on 02 4782 9222 or 02 6569 5810 or alternatively you can email

Forum Sentencing

Forum sentencing brings together the offender, victim and community to discuss how the crime has impacted upon their lives. It may be beneficial for a young offender to partake in such activities as whilst it may lessen their sentence, it will also encourage your child to experience remorse and break the cycle of crime. For more information on forum sentencing visit

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