When Do I have to go to Court?

The date and time that you must attend Court will be on the Court papers that the Police have given to you or that the Court has posted to you. If the magistrate reschedules to another date he or she will tell you when to come back.

On the Day

  • On the day of your court date it is best to arrive at Court at least 30 minutes prior to your mention or hearing so that you can meet with your Solicitor and also so that you are able to ensure that you will not be late nor rushed for your hearing
  • Be prepared in what it is you want to say and speak slowly and clearly, wait for your turn to speak and do not interrupt the judge or another party
  • always behave courteously in Court. Bow to the Registrar or judge as you enter and leave the Court room, turn off mobile phones and do not eat or drink in Court
  • Address the Judge as ‘Your Honour’ or the Registrar are ‘Registrar’. Stand to speak and sit while the other parties speak. Do not interreupt or talk over the Judge, Registrar or other parties.
  • Pleadings such as statements of claim, summons and defences are a part of the Court’s record of the proceedings. Other documents on which you wish to rely upon to support your case, including addifavits, must be handed up as evidence at the hearing. This is called ‘tendering the evidence’. In most cases you will have to give such documents to your opponent before the hearing
  • Do not panic, your Solicitor should be able to run you through the process before your Court date, and be able to answer any of your questions on the day
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