The Alcohol Interlock Program is a penalty which can be applied for a range of drink driving offences. It involves the installation of an electronic breath testing device to the ignition of a car. The driver must blow into the device, and given the results of this testing, the car will turn on or be disabled.

Where a court convicts a person of an alcohol-related offence and disqualifies that person from holding a driver licence, the court may order that the disqualification be suspended if the person participates in an interlock program for a specific minimum period.

Interlock Periods

First Offence

Offence Minimum Interlock Maximum Interlock Interlock Period
High Range PCA 6 months 9 months       2 years     

Second Offence

Offence Minimum Disqualification   Maximum Disqualification Interlock Period
Novice/Special/Low Range PCA
1 month 3 months 12 months
Mid Range PCA
6 months 9 months     2 years                       
High Range PCA
9 months
 12 months 4 years

If you have been issued with an interlock order, contact our legal professionals to discuss details of the Alcohol Interlock Program, and how it affects you.



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