Firearms & Weapons

There are an array of firearm and weapon offences, each with varying degrees of severity. Although a handful of firearms are prohibited, the majority are legal, however do require appropriate licensing and registration. Firearm and weapon offences are generally divided into three groups, including:

  • Offences dealing with licensing and complying with firearms licence conditions,
  • Illegally possessing illegal firearms or weapons, and
  • Using firearms or weapons in the commission of offences.


Firearms Act 1996 (NSW)

  • Regulates the use, purchase, manufacture and supply of firearms, whilst aiming to limit firearm possession and promote public safety.

Weapons Prohibition Act 1988 (NSW)

  • Confirms that the possession and use of prohibited weapons is a privilege by enforcing strict controls which ensure public safety.




Unauthorised possession of a firearm Maximum imprisonment term of 5 years
Possession of a prohibited     firearm or pistol Maximum imprisonment term of 14 years


“Not keeping a firearm safely” Maximum imprisonment term of 12 months      and /or

fine of $2,200

“Not keeping a (prohibited) firearm safely” Maximum imprisonment term of 2 years and/or

a fine of $5,500

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