Community Service

A Community Service Order is an important sentencing alternative for the courts. Instead of imposing a sentence of imprisonment or issue an order for the offender to enter into a good behaviour bond,  the court may make a community service order directing a specific number of hours the offender must work under s8(1) Crimes (Sentencing and Procedure) Act.

A Community Service Order involves unpaid work of the offender within the community, which is specified by either the Court.

Community Service Order’s may be imposed up to a maximum of 500 hours:s8 Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act.

Community Service order’s  cannot be ordered if the individual is already on a good behaviour bond:s13 Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act.


If the offender is under the age of 16 years, the maximum community service order which can be imposed by the Court is 100 hours.

If between the ages of 16 – 18, the Court is able to order a Community Service Order up to a maximum of 250 hours: s13 Children (Community Service Orders) Act.

In order to be eligible for a Community Service Order, the offender must first be assessed by an officer of the probation service as suitable for such work: s86 Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act.

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