We are amongst the top criminal defence lawyers with offices in Sydney City CBD, Rockdale. We are available to appear for our clients in any NSW or interstate court. As accomplished court advocates and experts in our field, we are confident that there is no matter too small or too large for us to deal with. Call 24/7 for a free consultation on (02) 9587 1500.

Exceptional results

We believe the most important factor when choosing a lawyer is finding one who will provide you with the best outcome. Our incredible growth has come because we continue to achieve above average results for our clients.

Effective and timely communications

Your telephone calls and emails will be promptly returned and you will be kept fully informed of your court dates and all developments in your case.

Fixed and fair cost estimates

Before you leave your first appointment, we will give you an estimate of your legal fees or a fixed price quote.

Hire Criminal Lawyers Sydney with proven success

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What sets us apart from other criminal lawyers?

High Success Rate

We have a success rate exceeding 90% for all criminal defence in the last 10 years. We have achieved WINS in all of the major areas of criminal prosecutions including Drugs, Assaults, Robberys, Frauds, AVOs, Traffic, and Sex Assaults.

Strategy in a Criminal Case

For certain matters, we will act on a ‘No Win, No Fee’, whereby you only pay our fees should you receive a successful outcome in your particular matter.

Genuine Care & Personal Touch

We pride ourselves on our dedication to fighting hard to protect your rights. Whether you feel as though you have been harshly treated by the authorities, or believe that a decision made by a court was wrong, we will help you find a solution to make it right.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Hey Robert, just like to say thank you for the job you did today. I was so nervous and you made everything seem ok. I’m absolutely stoked with the result and the way you helped me through it all. Listening to what you had to say compared to some of the other lawyers that I heard seak definitely shows you know what you are doing.

Zoe, Parramatta

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